Mr. Asif Muneer



Mr. Muneer is an expert in the field of andrology which includes the management of male benign and malignant genital diseases and male infertility. Special interests include male infertility, erectile dysfunction, penile prosthesis surgery, vasectomy reversal, surgical sperm retrieval, genital cancer and Peronei’s disease.

Mr. Muneer has also published extensively on many varied aspects of urology in peer reviewed publications. In addition to this he has also co-edited 7 books including Atlas of Male Genito urethral Surgery and Textbook of Penile Cancer.

Mr. Muneer has received a number of awards and fellowships including the Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope from the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Keith Yeates Gold Medal form the Intercollegiate Exam board and visiting fellowships to University of Paris, University of Bern and MD Andersen in Texas.

He has held a number of roles including Honorary Secretary BAUS, Chair of the BAUS Andrology section and President of the British Society for Sexual Medicine.

Patients benefit from years of experience and Mr. Muneer ensures that each patient has the opportunity to discuss alternative options and outcomes. Patients describe Mr. Muneer as being “Always detailed, and probing the best treatment options and outcome”.