At Queens Clinic, we fully inform our patients of the medical costs prior to each treatment or procedure, to ensure we’re both transparent and meticulous. Our services will not be provided unless the patient has consented, approved and signed to both the service and the charges involved.

Queens Clinic would like to wish all our patients good health during this difficult time.

We’re operating in line with the government guidelines resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please find more information here.

We are now offering video and telephone consultations to new and ongoing patients.

• £250 for a video consultation
• £150 for a telephone consultation

Please note face to face consultations are still going ahead as per normal.

It is absolutely paramount we keep the welfare of our patients and our staff at the forefront of our daily duties. This is why we have introduced the following safety measures to ensure we are minimising any potential risks during your visit to our clinic.

Essential Care

We request all our patients to wear a mask, wash their hands on arrival as well as having their temperatures checked. We request any patients experiencing Coronavirus symptoms to follow the NHS guidelines and request a consultation over the telephone.

Please call 0207 935 5540 or email info@queensclinic.co.uk to book an appointment.

Social Distancing

We are spacing out all our appointments to avoid over crowding and requesting all patients to wait in the waiting room of the main building to ensure we are keeping to the social distancing rules.


All surfaces are regularly wiped clean to avoid contamination. We request all our patients to use the hand sanitiser provided to minimise any potential risks.

You can book an appointment via the following:

Please note you will be asked to attend an initial consultation to discuss your medical concerns and available treatment options further.

Please be ready to pay for your consultation fee over the phone, which is non refundable if you do not attend.

  • Face to face consultation is £290
  • Video consultation is £250
  • Telephone consultation is £150

Please note the consultations are approximately 30 minutes, however the time will vary depending on your personal circumstances and the treatments you require.

Upon arrival, our receptionist will request you to fill out a patient registration form.

Once the form has been completed, you will meet with a Senior Consultant to discuss your treatments, management and follow-ups.

Please note we do require full consent and approval before any investigations or treatments are carried out by the clinic.

You can change your appointment within 48 hours at no extra charge.

Please ensure there is a valid reason for your change of appointment due to the clinic schedule being extremely busy and we would like to make sure we have another slot available for you. 

Please note if you cancel or did not attend your appointment for any reason you will still be charged.

If you cancel an appointment you will be sent an invoice with the consultation fees. Should you wish to make another appointment you would have to pay again. Additionally, please note consultation fees must be paid at the time of booking.

The overall cost will be discussed during your consultation with our Senior Consultant following your full history, examination and further investigations required for each diagnosis and management for your individual case.

We appreciate there are hundreds of medical conditions that require gynecological treatment, which will be individual for each person. Our treatment is tailored and personalised for every individual. Accordingly, the cost will be discussed each time you require our services to achieve proper management and treatment. Therefore we cannot provide an estimated cost prior to your treatment.

Queens Clinic are registered and up to date according to the GMC new guidelines of shared consent for good medical practice, therefore patients will choose the best line of treatment for themselves.

Queens Clinic is a private women's healthcare clinic, therefore our treatments are not supported by the NHS.

We do request our patients to pay in full which can be carried out through self-pay, third party or through private health insurance accepted by Queens Clinic.

You can pay using the following:

  • Cash

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

We accept: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club International and Business Cards

Please note any additional services following your consultation and examination will be advised by the consultant. If you consent to the service, full payment will be requested upon completion. Queens Clinic do not accept any outstanding payment. If you're having an operation, we request all payments are taken in advance.

If you're privately insured, you will need to check whether your plan covers the treatments costs.

If this has been authorised by the clinic and your insurer, please ensure to bring your insurance number and claim number/authorization number with you to your appointment.

If for any reason your treatment costs have not been authorised, you will be considered a self payee. Therefore you will need to pay up front for your appointment and all services provided.

The majority of our patients can have their treatments and even surgical procedures under local anaesthetic at our outpatients department at the clinic.

However any patient who requires general, spinal and epidural anesthetic for their procedure or local anesthetic at patients or insurers request to be carried out in hospital.

Patients who require general, spinal or epidural anesthetic will be referred to one of Queens Clinic's partnered hospitals such as Portland Hospital where our anesthetist and surgeon, who are leading names in gynecology in London will carry out the procedure.

Monday to Friday: 9am to 9pm

Saturdays: 9am to 6pm

Sundays: Closed

Our aim is to ensure all our patients are seen as quickly as possible. We do offer same day appointments for emergencies.

Yes, you can visit the clinic if you're 18 years old or above.