Our patients also leave reviews through Facebook and Google:

"Dear Dr Ismail, here we are 6 months after the girls were born, Lilli Rose and Talulah beau, what can we say to express our thanks and gratitude for this wonderful miracle of our twin girl, we could not be happier as a family and we owe it all to you. The journey was tough yet exciting, you have experienced our ups and downs and travelled this journey with us, giving us help and guidance at all times, you truly are amazing and very important in the road to fertility. We thank you and owe everything to you. Lots of Love. "
Richard and Lisa Bailey
"Dear Doctor Ahmed, thank you very much for your “gold hands” and have had the great pleasure to be your patient. All the best wishes."
Liuol mila
"Dear Ahmed, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking care of my beautiful wife Christie. The past several months under your care have been a day, not only for my wife, but also for my mother in law, Jakie. But more importantly, god bless you for bringing my little princess into the wold “Romani-Skye” sends you a big kiss. Let’s hope one day me and you can have a cold beer. Thank you my friend."
Shane and Christie Richie.
"Dearest Dr Ismail, thank you for all of your help, support and advice, we are truly blessed to have such beautiful lurádes thanks to Queen’s clinic, hope to see you soon."
Lisa and Richard Bailey
"Dear Dr Ismail, As always you show me how to take care of myself! We grow together and I’m becoming a woman! Thank you, the infusions are amazing! And you’re the best dr ever! Keep looking after me please! Lots of love."
Rita Ora
"Queens Clinic is the best ever! I highly recommend Dr Ismail"
Baroness Michelle Mone
"I had a very great experience at this clinic, Dr Ahmed Ismail took care of me very well, he is very nice and cares about his patients a lot. He is very kind and honest. The doctor gives great benefits of new medications and he’s a great gynaecologist. He makes me feel much better as he always shows me new ways of improving my sexual health. He cares about his women! If you want to know and improve all-female aspects of your body, go to Doctor Ismail. I have come from Dubai, and I have been a long-term patient of this clinic and I have never been disappointed. Always a great experience!"
Hamada Mouroosheed
"Good afternoon Dr Ismail. Thank you again for everything you have done for us in the last 10 years. We will absolutely come back and see you once a year. And we promise to keep in touch. As we reflected on the last 10 years… as we walked down Wigmore Street, we thought all the times we walked there with heavy hearts and hope of family. With sadness and shattered hopes. Today, we passed the pharmacy with happiness and joy we never even dreamed of. With 3 healthy babies. We wanted to say thank you, because we couldn’t be here without you, your kindness, help and dedication. "
Katja Koren
"You are the king of medicine as per usual, I love you and Sama always, thank you for everything, so happy now, but if I wasn’t you would be the doctor I turn to. That’s not right… you would be the Consultant King, thank you so much, all my love from the deepest point in my heart goes to you. I am so lucky to have you in my life, I will never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough. You are the best doctor ever; all my prayers go to you and the family always."
"Again, I can’t thank you enough for always being there for me and doing everything possible to make me feel better. Last month I felt my absolute best because of you, I was glowing, and everybody noticed that. I have no idea what the secret of it is, but I never enjoyed coming to a CLINIC, except when I’m coming to yours. "
Rand Abalkhil from Saudi Arabia
"The best doctor in the women’s field in the world. Not only is he a mentor, but also a second father figure. If you haven’t been checked by Dr Ahmed Ismail at Queens Clinic London, you need to get an appointment and come see him. "
"Thank you for everything you have done for us. We will forever be grateful to you, words cannot express how much."
"Salam Doctor, thank you so much for all your help before and during my pregnancy. My daughter has come into the world so healthy for almost four months now and never sick Alhamdulilah, she’s a joyful baby. Your help and your advice have played an important role in her young life. Thank you. "
Hursuline from Brazil
"Thank you, Dr Ismail. We wouldn’t have these 2 angels without you. We will be eternally grateful. "
Blaine and Katja