Semen Analysis

The main form of male fertility testing takes place using semen analysis, which is carried out to determine the quantity and quality of sperm per male. The semen analysis is always conducted before any female tests as it is a far less invasive procedure so can quickly determine if the male’s fertility is an issue. Alongside the fertility testing, an STI test is performed to rule this out as a cause of infertility.

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What happens during the testing?

You will be asked to provide a fresh semen sample, which will be tested with the following procedures:

  1. Direct microscopy
  2. Traditional microscopic sperm counter
  3. Automated sperm analyser
  4. Specialized lab testing for stress
  5. Sperm penetration / egg capsule penetration. This is only tested during an IVF cycle
  6. Sperm fragmentation tests

What is the semen tested for?

  • The percentage of motile sperm compared to non-motile sperm
  • Any sperm abnormalities
  • Progressive, non-progressive or sluggish motility
  • The presence of abnormal cells
  • Liquefaction level of the seminal fluid
  • The quantity of fluid
  • The movement of the sperm
  • The colour of the fluid
  • The smell of the sample
  • The capability of the sperm cells under stress
  • Sperm penetration level
  • Agglutination tests
  • Antibody reactions

How should I prepare for the testing?

You should abstain from sexual activity for 5 days prior to testing. It is also important to provide your gynaecologist with a detailed medical history, and to participate in thorough medical examinations.

What next?

Following testing, your gynaecologist will discuss with you:

  • If the situation is treatable so there is still potential for a natural pregnancy
  • If there is a possibility of surgical or medical intervention
  • If IVF or ICSI is appropriate

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