Tubal abscess

A Tubal abscess is an inflammatory mass found in the fallopian tube and ovary.

Tubal block

A Tubal block is when there is a blockage in the Fallopian tubes this may be from scar tissue or infection. The tubes need to be clear for the sperm to travel to the eggs.

Tubal absence

A Tubal absence is the absence of one or both uterine tubes.

Tubal Hydrosalpinx

Tubal Hydrosalpinx is a condition that occurs when the Fallopian tube becomes blocked and fills with a clear liquid near the ovary.

Tubal Adhesions

Tubal Adhesions is when there is scar tissue in the Fallopian tubes. Any sort of surgery or infection can lead to Tubal Adhesions.


Pyosalpinx is a condition in which the Fallopian tubes fill up and swell with puss.


Hycosy stand for Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography it is used for investigating the cavity of the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

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