Breast screening

Breast screening involves having an X-ray taken of each breast. X-rays will be taken of both breasts from different angles to get a clear image.

Breast scan

A breast scan involves an ultrasound scan to detect breast cancer. You may been a breast scan when a monogram or breast screening isn’t clean enough.

Referral for Mammography

A Mammogram is when a low energy x-ray is taken of the breast, this is to examine the breast for diagnosis and screening.

Referral for suspicious breast lesion

Lesions are abnormal changes in the breast tissues such as a hardened breast tissue. They may appear from injury or an illness.

Investigation and treatment of unusual nipple discharge

Nipple discharge can develop for a range of reasons. It is a symptom of cancer but could also be caused by breastfeeding, pregnancy or other reasons.

Early detection of lumps or cancer

Detection of lumps or cancer early by a full breast examination.

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