FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation
We are proud to announce that our clinic houses FemTouch’s CO2 Laser which is used for both gynaecological and facial aesthetic procedures.
Test to Release
Shortens Isolation time. Taken after completing 5 days of isolation.
Day 2 and Day 8 from Red and Amber countries
Test to be taken on the 2nd and 8th day after arrival in the UK)
COVID-19 Antigen Test / Swab
Required for international travel to some countries
Antibody Test
Detects past infections to see if you have developed anti-bodies against Covid-19

We offer Antigen and PCR tests so you can pick the test best suited to you.  If you are worried about your Health or are booking a test for the purpose of a trip abroad we have tests available.

Our Advance Antigen Tests are the fastest and most effective tests on the market with results within 15-30 minutes. Priced at £130

We also offer PCR Test which gives us your results in 48 hours. Priced at £130

  • All of our tests give a 99.6% accuracy, so you can be sure that you keeping yourself and everyone around you safe.
  • All our Test are UK Government approved
  • Fastest most advance tests
  • Most competitive Prices on Harley street

If you are getting a test for the purpose of traveling overseas we recommend you find the latest and most up to date information on the rules of the country you are traveling to.

Queens clinic reminds you it is your responsibility to check the latest rules for the country you are flying to and the airline you are flying with. Please find this information at the Gov website for the foreign office guidelines to see which Covid-19 test is required for you.

Please be aware some airlines/ countries require a specific time or date to receive a negative test result before flying.