Queens Clinics Breast self-examination guide, we want to make it an easy and carefree part of every woman’s life. Our guide will teach you to recognise your breasts.


How to check for lumps and bumps? 

It’s recommended to check your breast every month for any changes. There are many different ways in which you can check your breasts, at Queens Clinic we are going to give you a simple and effective way of making sure you have covered all the areas you need to, so you can be confident in your self-examination.

Every woman’s breasts are different, in size and shape. So we can’t tell you how your breast should look and feel. We want you to get to know your breast so once you do you’ll be able to spot if anything feels different, or if you notice a change. 

What to look for? 

  • Any changes in the size or shape of your breast 
  • Any changes in the skin on your breast or nipple area 
  • Any lumps or bumps on the breast or armpit 
  • Nipple discharge
  • Bleeding or dry nipples
  • If the nipple changes in any way (if it points differently)
  • Any unusual discomfort in the breast or armpit area

Having a clear idea of what normal is for you is the first step in checking your breasts.

Below is our in-depth 10 step guide on ‘How to check your breasts’. It gives you clear and precise instructions to give you the confidence to know what to look for.

How to check your breasts https://londongynaecologyclinic.com/breast-self-examination/


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To make your life easier we recommend doing this either by looking in a mirror or in the shower. 

  • Lift one arm in the air 
  • Using three fingers in a circular motion, work your fingers around your breast feeling each area. 
  • Cover the full area of your breast
  • Work your way up towards your armpit and collarbone



Just remember changes in the breast area can happen for a lot of reasons, don’t panic if you do find something unusual. Book Yourself an appointment: Call us on 02079355540 or email us at info@queensclinic.co.uk.

At Queens Clinic we offer annual check-ups which include a full Gynaecological examination focusing on BREASTS, CERVIX, UTERUS, and OVARIES. With your consent, our expert gynaecologists will take the necessary tests needed. This gynaecological MOT covers everything needed to give you peace of mind.