Dry vagina and Dyspareunia

 Dry Vagina and Dyspareunia usually results from lack of estrogen or absence of lubricant secretion from sexual intercourse. This can happen when there is no forplay prior to intercourse. This can make the vagina dry and and can then cause pain. 

Superficial dyspareunia: Weakening the area by using steroids or vagina douches, with fragrances which should not be used. All can cause dyspareunia and dryness of the vagina. 

There  is also deep Dyspareunia, the pain comes from deep penetration. There are lots of reasons for this: 

  1. Chronic cervix
  2. Pelvic endometriosis 
  3. Ovarian cyst
  4. Pelvic information disease 
  5. Pelvic adhesions