Dr Ahmed Ismail, world leader in gynaecology and fertility, gives advice about when and why to have a cesarean procedure. This article was part of Sayidaty magazine on 28th July 2018, issue number 1951.

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Cesarean Sections are rising in popularity at a rapid rate, but I want to remind women that this procedure is not the right or natural way of delivery. It should only be carried out under the right medical conditions, to save the mother or baby from imminent danger. This could include:

  • If the baby is at risk of dying in the uterus, because of suffocation or lack of nutrients
  • If the baby and placenta have separated, which is an emergency and needs immediate action
  • If the cervix is undilated during labour, risking abnormal pressure on the baby
  • If the mother has eclampsia, uncontrolled diabetes or a history of previous cesarean sections that mean she cannot now have a natural birth
  • Other medical emergencies, based on your Doctor’s judgement

It is madness to have a cesarean section by choice, maybe because of social trends or to avoid a long and painful labor. This would be subjecting the woman to open surgery that could lead to infections, pelvic adhesions, chronic pain, painful intercourse, and infertility because of tubal block. I believe women need to be made aware of the risks and consequences of having a cesarean section, and not be pressured into the procedure because their Doctor wants to avoid a lengthy labor. Do we want to make the birth easy and time-saving for the Doctor, or do we want to look after the health of the mother and ensure she avoids future complications?

Some time ago I gave an interview on the BBC discussing this topic and denouncing ‘delivery by choice’ which is when a woman can choose a cesarean section over a natural birth. I have had no back-lash or challenging over this interview, which makes me confident that ‘delivery by choice’ is unfounded and unacceptable in our modern, advanced, protective healthcare environment. The promoters of ‘delivery by choice’ are clearly shrinking away from the truth that should be delivered to patients: only have a cesarean section because of genuine medical reasons. It is not a trivial choice and should not be treated as such.

Avoid having a cesarean section if you can. Go to an experienced gynaecologist and have a natural birth; this is the best thing for you, your health and your future.