Dr Ahmed Ismail in Sayidaty magazine, issue 1957 on the 8th September 2018: The latest treatments for abnormal appearance of the female genitalia, both surgical and non-surgical.

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A woman’s genitalia can be a very embarrasing subject to talk about, but I am here to help rectify issues or concerns, and improve on your situation. Surgical intervention can create an attractive appearance and contribute to a woman’s overall wellbeing, making her feel beautiful.

There are vulval and vaginal aesthetic interventions that can improve a woman’s confidence and address any problems she has with her appearance, including vulva fillers, PRP and laser tightening. Sometimes radio frequency is used but I find laser technology is more advanced and much more effective. To enhance sexual pleasure, there are surgical procedures such as labia reduction, vulva augmentation and clitoris hood reduction. For both the woman and her partner, these could increase sexual intimacy and boost their enjoyment of sexual activity. The woman will be healthier, more beautiful, and feel younger!

My advice is to select a Clinic where you can get appropriate, up-to-date advice from an experience gynaecologist- preferably an Aesthetic Gynaecology specialist.